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Baby Cot and Cradle - Pink

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Baby Cot and Cradle - Pink

Features: Safe comfortable space for baby Easy to remove and wash cover Wheels makes it easy to move Has a mosquito net attached to tong

Package Includes: 1 X Cradle 1 X Mosquito Net

Description: This swing will make a perfect sleep environment for your baby.Parents can keep their baby close by in a confined environment and the soothing rocking motion often lulls fussy babies to sleep. This beautiful cradle will gently let your baby go to sleep. It is simple, durable and comes with securely fixed sides, making the swing an ideal option if your baby likes a little movement in their first few months. Wheels for easy mobility, comes with mosquito net for protection from insects and also easy inspection. The swing is perfect for parents looking to establish a consistent bedtimes and nap times for their babies. Wheels makes it easy to move the cradle in different rooms.

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